Ultimate Mentoring

    While this site is undergoing reconstruction, I will continue to provide the ultimate in highly specialized and effective individual mentoring for women of extraordinary potential. I can offer you many important things that you won’t find anywhere else — helping you to achieve all of your true potential and become a strong, wise, powerful, serene, successful, self-sufficient, well-adjusted, interesting, content, proud, very impressive and highly respected woman, by patiently guiding you to the apotheosis you deserve. Enlightenment, liberation, sovereignty, transcendence and all of the really good things in life are reserved for those rare few who have the power, wisdom, imagination, self-confidence and courage to reach out and take them. Everyone else has to settle for the leftovers. Invaluable opportunity, seminal epiphanies and remarkable efflorescence are available to a select few truly exceptional and deserving women.

Interviews are now being conducted to select the next recipient.

Please direct all inquiries to Mentor@UltimateMentoring.com

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